Claims Administration Approach

Claims costs can equate to as much as 80% of your total insurance premium. When claims costs escalate, so do your premium costs! Responsible claim administration can help you cut those costs.

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Internally Administered Claims - How we help

This choice requires a thorough audit of all open claims, creation of procedures for handling claims, and training for employees who are responsible for this duty.

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EEAS can help you identify ways to improve claims administration. Call us for:

  • an independent evaluation of your present claim administration

  • recommendations for operational improvements

  • claim procedure review

  • suggestions to improve response time

  • claims management strategies, not simply paying them

All these items are part of a comprehensive claims audit we can conduct for you.   With a focus on your employees, as well as your bottom line, we can improve your claims administration.

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Third Party - EEAS Benefits

Our claims administration extends to Worker's Comp, Nonsubscription, and Property and Casualty insurance.

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Worker's Compensation/Nonsubscription

For many companies, the Texas-approved Nonsubscription Program provides a better employee benefit and an improved financial alternative over Texas Worker's Compensation.

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Return to Work/Return to LifeSM Program

The impact of job-related injury is significant for both the employee and the employer. Our Return to Life ProgramSM makes those fears disappear.

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